The Welsh National League (Wrexham Area) as we know it today was formed after the end of the Second World War during which period many football competitions were suspended.

In a way the League grew out of a tournament which was carried out in the area in the early part of the century under the title of the 'Wrexham and District League' of which Mr TH Bushley of Wrexham was President, Mr James Mackie was Treasurer and Mr GO Postle of Acrefair was Secretary.

The meetings of the League in those days took place in the Victoria Dining Rooms, Wrexham, kept by Mr Robert J Jones at one time a member of the Council of the F.A. of Wales. Meetings were also held in Ruabon, at one of which Dr Vaughan Griffiths presided and club representatives were present from Oswestry, Wrexham Victoria, Marchwiel, Ruabon, Brymbo, Summerhill, Wern Rovers, Cefn, Acrefair, Brymbo Institute, Southsea, Esclusham, The Druids, Rhos and Johnstown.

Chirk FC in that period ran a reserve side in the League and so did the Druids and Oswestry.

At that time the senior clubs in or near the area played in Leagues like the Football Combination (formed in 1890) and at one period the Druids were in the Birmingham League, a tournament in which in pre-Football League days, Wrexham FC figured for years.

In 1907-08 the Wrexham and District League was composed of two divisions:

Division One - Esclusham White Stars; Axrefair United; Brymbo Victoria; Cefn Albion; Oswestry Reserves; Rhos Rangers; Johnstown; Ruabon; Wrexham Victoria and Druids Reserves.

Division Two - Summerhill; Coedpoeth; Southsea; Marchwiel; Brymbo Institute; New Broughton; Ruabon Rangers; Black Lane; Acrefair Reserves; Ruabon Road (Wrexham); Cefn Albion Reserves and Wern Rovers.

Esclusham White Stars won the Division One Championship and Summerhill were at the head of the Second Division.

A few seasons later, the outbreak of the First World War with the rush of thousands of volunteers to the colours - there was neither conscription nor National Service - caused many football activities to cease.

When it was over, Mr Ted Robbins, then Secretary of the FA of Wales, went all over Wales to get football re-started, and the Welsh National League with its various sections was organised. Clubs from the Wrexham area, and a little beyond, joined the Northern Section which in addition to the North Wales Coast clubs included Chirk, Buckley United, the Druids, Mold, Oak Alyn Rovers, Rhos and Wrexham. Mr Arthur Thomas of Cefn was President, Mr EB Ithell was treasurer and Mr Frank E Evans was secretary.

The financial strain proved too severe for several of the clubs in the Wrexham district , and eventually they found themselves in what became - after the upset of the Second World War - the Welsh National League (Wrexham Area).

It functions today with Four Divisions comprising teams from Denbighshire, Flintshire and Gwynnedd. The League is managed by an independent executive and is in a sound financial position. Its primary object is to foster amateur football in its area amongst clubs who wish to provide competitive recreation for their players and have no desire to organise their activities on a professional basis.